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retired NOAA/DoD consultant and atmospheric scientist, formerly adjunct assnt. professor and head of the Environmental Physics Group at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School.

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"I took the jail tour a few years ago and recommend it. They’re pretty awful places. What struck me most back then was they were housing about 70 female inmates [...]

Apr 26, 2023 on
Whatcom Democrats Are Pro-Jail?!

"It seems pretty clear that PeaceHealth has tried to pull yet another fast one. 

Apr 26, 2023 on
Growth of Medicare's ACO Reach Scam Halted

"In 4th grade Gabriel liked to put smaller me in a headlock til one day, it really hurt. So, I wrestled free and punched his face, giving him a shiner. [...]

Feb 15, 2023 on
Never Too Late to Shout About It

"There’s the immoral conundrum of investing your health and retirement in companies whose profits depend on denying you the care that you’ve paid for. Private firms [...]

Feb 03, 2023 on
Traditional Medicare - The Promise Is In Peril

" Speaking of which, Sharon Shewmake is adamantly pro-choice. Her opponent, Simon Sefzik, is a 22 year old, temporary appointee to the Washington Senate, whose mother, Jennifer Sefzik, ran against Shewmake in 2020. [...]

Nov 04, 2022 on
Here We Go Again