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Tom Dohman

Citizen Journalist • Member since Mar 23, 2018

Tom Dohman is a retired food industry professional - schooled as a microbiologist - who spent three decades working for various food companies, in the disciplines of food product development, quality assurance, food safety and regulatory affairs. He moved to Bellingham for its stunning natural beauty and desirable quality of life. He continues to believe that an informed public can influence its local government to make better decisions for its citizens and that - just maybe - reason can prevail in the end.

Articles by Tom Dohman

Samish Hill Forested Acreage Getting a “Haircut” - What Lies Ahead?

By Tom DohmanOn Apr 03, 2019

Approximately 68 acres of forested land on Samish Hill (east of 40th St) are slated for timber harvesting with follow-up plans to replant the logged areas with new tree seedlings within 1[...]

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"My article was replete with lots of

Apr 05, 2019 on
Samish Hill Forested Acreage Getting a “Haircut” - What Lies Ahead?

"Both actually.  If the goal of debate is to suggest changes or to defend a status quo - possibly by changing minds & perspectives - then, in my opinion, [...]

Jun 26, 2018 on

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Jun 26, 2018 on

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Mar 30, 2018 on
Forbidden Signs of the Times