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Tom Dohman is a retired food industry professional - schooled as a microbiologist - who spent three decades working for various food companies, in the disciplines of food product development, quality assurance, food safety and regulatory affairs. He moved to Bellingham for its stunning natural beauty and desirable quality of life. He continues to believe that an informed public can influence its local government to make better decisions for its citizens and that - just maybe - reason can prevail in the end.

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"Hi Jon: What you witnessed at Bloedel Donovan Park sounds like it was a genuine shame and could have systematically been avoided if the COB provided quality fiber network accessibility [...]

Jul 26, 2021 on
Comcast for Your Small Business

"I agree with the basic concept of specialized community support teams as described.  I happened to live in Eugene, OR in 1989 when Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets ([...]

Mar 03, 2021 on
Is Public Safety Facing a Crisis…or an Opportunity?

"Anytime I see it mentioned that the U.S. was SCREENING for COVID-19 symptoms back in January (or perhaps even to this day), I feel the need to put such [...]

Apr 22, 2020 on
When Did The U.S. Know About the COVID-19 Outbreak in China?

"Dr. Swanson:  Having lived for 22+ years in the Tri-Cities, I am a bit perplexed when you state Benton County data in numerous places in your latest update.  My [...]

Apr 20, 2020 on
Monitoring the COVID-19 Surge Peak in Benton County - Update Possible?

"Well, the election is ending tonight so we’re not likely to influence many other voters at this point.  I do appreciate the points of view presenting a different [...]

Feb 11, 2020 on
More NEW Taxes? No! Just CONTINUED Support for Bellingham Schools