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Lisa E. Papp

Posting Citizen Journalist • Member since Jan 22, 2018

Lisa is a long-term resident of Washington state and Whatcom County. She is a solar energy advisor helping commercial building owners and homeowners in Washington, other U.S. states, and Canada add solar power to their building. She was a member of the Barkley Toastmasters club and served as Club President, V.P. Membership, Past President and Treasurer. She has been an entrepreneur for many years offering marketing consulting, graphic design, and social media management services. She has volunteered for a variety of causes and believes in giving back. In the past, she has worked for non-profits including the American Institute of Architects Seattle Chapter, Northwest Community Housing Foundation which completed the first cohousing project in the U.S. in Winslow, and for-profits including Nordstrom. She is not an expert on homelessness but a concerned citizen who would like to do more to help.

Articles by Lisa E. Papp

Unity Village Tiny Home Community Proposed for Fairhaven

By Lisa E. PappOn Jun 11, 2019

Bellingham non-profit HomesNOW is in the midst of the permit review process for a temporary tiny home encampment in Fairhaven. The City of Bellingham published a notice of application for [...]

Winter Haven Tent Community Opens in Bellingham

By Lisa E. PappOn Jan 14, 2019

Would you sleep outside in a tent during the winter? I certainly couldn’t. Fortunately, we are having a relatively mild winter in the Pacific Northwest this year. But, even [...]

Jim Peterson … from Homeless to Advocate for the Homeless

By Lisa E. PappOn Apr 14, 2018

What do you feel when you walk by a homeless person sitting or lying on the sidewalk or in a park? Do you feel disgusted or angry? Do you think …”[...]

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Recent comments

"The mock election results are interesting!

Aug 06, 2019 on
Last minute election information

"Thanks for the comment, Jamie, and for your support of HomesNow. Perhaps it is true that people fear what they do not understand…and do not experience. I encourage people [...]

Jun 11, 2019 on
Unity Village Tiny Home Community Proposed for Fairhaven

"Thank you for noticing and writing about the lack of beautiful and human and neighborhood-friendly design and architecture in Bellingham’s new and proposed buildings.  Perhaps you…and I…[...]

Mar 11, 2019 on
The "Stick"-ification of Bellingham

"Thanks for all the comments! What works in other places…”Provide housing - It sounds an obvious solution to the problem of homelessness. There is, however, nuance to Finland&[...]

Jan 20, 2019 on
Winter Haven Tent Community Opens in Bellingham

"Ryan - Thank you for  reading and for your comments.  Bellingham is not busing homeless people into the area. When surveying the homeless people here, most of them [...]

Jan 15, 2019 on
Winter Haven Tent Community Opens in Bellingham