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Lisa is a long-time resident of Washington state and Whatcom County. She is a solar energy advisor helping homeowners in Washington and other U.S. states add solar power to their building. She was a member of the Barkley Toastmasters club and served as Club President, V.P. Membership, Past President, and Treasurer. She has been an entrepreneur for many years offering marketing consulting, graphic design, and social media management services. She has volunteered for a variety of causes and believes in giving back. In the past, she has worked for non-profits including the American Institute of Architects Seattle Chapter, Northwest Community Housing Foundation which completed the first Co-housing project in the U.S. in Winslow, and for-profits including Nordstrom. She is not an expert on homelessness but a concerned citizen who would like to do more to help.

Articles by Lisa E. Papp

Unity Village Will Have a New Site. Thank you, Mayor Fleetwood and Director Sepler!

By Lisa E. PappOn Jan 28, 2020

There is good news to report for the future of Homes NOW’s Unity Village since I last wrote here January 16, 2020! The temporary tiny home community for homeless people, currently [...]

Unity Village Needs a Permit Extension. Please, Mayor Fleetwood, Can You Help?

By Lisa E. PappOn Jan 16, 2020

Since my December 30th, 2019 article about Homes NOW’s Unity Village petition for a permit extension, there have been a variety of developments in the process and communication between the [...]

Unity Village Tiny Home Community Requests Permit Extension

By Lisa E. PappOn Dec 30, 2019

The search for a permanent location for Unity Village, Bellingham’s first tiny home community for our homeless neighbors, is ongoing. Leased or owned land, a minimum of 1/4 acre (1/2 acre [...]

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"Thank you for this report, Tip. It is very frustrating and upsetting to hear that the Council did not accept Joy’s application for the jail Stakeholder’s Advisory Committee [...]

Jan 25, 2020 on
Jail Tax: Third Time’s a Charm?

"Thank you, Lynn, for taking the time to comment and for supporting HomesNOW in various ways! The amount of substantive work the volunteers have been responsible for is truly amazing. [...]

Dec 07, 2019 on
HomesNOW Thrives Despite Setback

"Wonderful, Michael! Thanks for volunteering to help build the tiny homes and for your support.Yes, it is their private home. True.  Residents or volunteers are happy to give [...]

Nov 27, 2019 on
HomesNOW Thrives Despite Setback

"Michael - Thank you for reading and for writing. Your correction re: City Council not being involved in the  permitting review or approval process is noted and I edited [...]

Nov 27, 2019 on
HomesNOW Thrives Despite Setback

"Is it bad form to hope for Harcourt to have to declare bankruptcy? That would be one way to get a divorce.

Oct 30, 2019 on
Sink, Swim, or Divorce – Options Narrow for our Relationship with Harcourt