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"Thank you, Elisabeth!

Apr 03, 2023 on
Port Priorities Subvert Their Own Plan

"Thank you David Netboy for your research and clear explanation of the problems. The waterfront would be so spectacular if it were not polluted with noise, toxins, and ugliness. The [...]

Apr 02, 2023 on
Port Priorities Subvert Their Own Plan

"I hope for Stoney’s additional rapid improvement. I didn’t know about the accident. It must have been very difficult for Stoney and his family - I cannot imagine. [...]

Mar 02, 2023 on
NWCitizen Journalist Down, But Certainly Not Out

"Would we have ever known that County lawyers offered this advice if Jon Humphrey had not informed us? 

Jul 31, 2022 on
Council Advised Against Talking to the Public

"Thank you for your comprehensive reporting of this array of problems at 22 North! Your notes about Veteran vulnerabilities there is also very concerning. I rent a unit not far from [...]

May 31, 2022 on
Is 22 North Going South?