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"This article, with its teeth gnashing and hair pulling about the Terrible Parking Meter Menace threatening the elitist Fairhaven, really strikes a nerve for me.  There is a pretense [...]

May 24, 2022 on
Death of the Golden Goose

"Thanks so much for your response.  I see where I may have put things in a way that I did not mean to say. When I talked about “[...]

Nov 17, 2021 on
Half of the Homeless Have Mental Issues

"This article, like so many discussions of mental illness and homelessness, has major holes in it.  It skips from the era of commitment to ECT- and lobotomy-dispensing institutions to [...]

Nov 17, 2021 on
Half of the Homeless Have Mental Issues

"I did state that “People entering the mission as well as Base Camp are expected to follow rules, such as not using alcohol or drugs inside the shelter . . . ” demonstrating that [...]

Oct 18, 2021 on
Base Camp: Sheltering Our Homeless or Importing Problems?

"The argument that we need to do something or other so that “our children can stay here” is an old one, but usually one that is used by developers who [...]

Oct 18, 2021 on
Don’t Confuse Housing Affordability with Housing Choice