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Robert Leib

Commenter • Member since Sep 12, 2017

Since the passing of my son due to the damage caused to him by the Whatcom County judicial system, I have become a vocal proponent to all causes that will stop the growth of the current jail industry growth that is trying to take hold in Whatcom County.

Recent comments

"This is truly a rip-off of our citizens.  In 2007 I bought 5 acres on Northwest and planned on building a new home.  The tax value was $132,000.  In 2008 they [...]

Jan 02, 2019 on
Appealing Voodoo Economics Housing Values

"To me and my family, James Erb is the only choice.  My opinion is that Dave McEchran is the axis of evil in this county and he has built [...]

Jul 27, 2018 on
Want Justice Reform? Vote for James Erb.

"Excellent John!  We need to motivate the voters to understand that voting down the jail was just one part of the actions needed.  We now need a change [...]

Jul 27, 2018 on
Richey campaign - the echo chamber

"Here is an article from 2000.  I know there is a ton of fiber out there.  They just lost track of it.  https://www.bizjournals.com/seattle/stories/2000/07/17/[...]

Feb 15, 2018 on
COB Broadband Back To The 80s

"In 2002 I applied for a job with Avista as a Project Manager to help build a fiber network in Bellingham.  I did not get the job but I was [...]

Feb 15, 2018 on
COB Broadband Back To The 80s