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community development planner for public interest programs and projects
June 2020 he donated $250 via a check in the mail.

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"Lessons from us over at Fairhaven Neighbors: City Hall will pay more attention when you hire an attorney to raise questions on your behalf. 

Aug 12, 2021 on
Bellingham: Beware!

"That was a surprising vote from the Council; ought to have gone the other way.  I hope Mayor Fleetwood vetoes the Council decision. Lessons from the Hoag’s [...]

May 01, 2021 on
Mayor Is Asked To Preserve Trail

"Ryan, one clarification about property taxes - Property taxes on homes do not go up because home prices go up. Do not overlook Equalization that the County Assessor applies annually. [...]

Mar 26, 2020 on
300+ New Units, Zero Affordability

"This meeting may be of general interest and it may be related to mercury contamination at the waterfront:  The City of Bellingham Shoreline Committee has a meeting today at 6 [...]

Feb 13, 2020 on
Sitting on a Gold Mine?

"Wow, Tip.  The scale of those numbers is stunning! Thank you for calling out this issue for more attention from Port officials and the other agencies responsible for&[...]

Feb 13, 2020 on
Sitting on a Gold Mine?