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"Signal, Session et al. E2EE messaging tools are essential these days.  Anyone without more than a passing sense of what ‘privacy’ means (or mass surveillance, corporate [...]

Feb 10, 2023 on
Secret Conversations

"So this is what voting for the least-worst-choice gets me…  *sigh*

Feb 09, 2023 on
"Social Security And Medicare Are Off The Books Now"

"Removed…  Taking a cue from a leveler head.I agree that nobody did our servicemembers any favors here.

Dec 27, 2022 on
Our Throw-Away Military Service Personnel

"I think of the struggles the VA already has in providing a proper standard of medical care with TBI, burn pits, and any other “you can’t prove your injury [...]

Dec 26, 2022 on
Our Throw-Away Military Service Personnel

"I was Air Force 90-98—munitions sytems (mostly database work during peacetime).  For context, that’s the very end of the cold war, which was a very different mindset [...]

Nov 11, 2022 on
A Civilian Speaks To Veterans