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Ham lived in Bellingham while writing for NW Citizen from 2007 to 2011.

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And Starting in Gate…...

By Ham HayesOn Jun 13, 2011

The Whatcom County Executive race is very interesting. Whatever opinion you may have about the past performance of Pete Kremen no longer matters. It is a horse race and no [...]


By Ham HayesOn Dec 21, 2010

Last night's clould cover presented a challenge to local eclipse buffs. However, there was enough of a break at 11:40 p.m. to get a peek. In this photo, the [...]

In Harm’s Way

By Ham HayesOn Dec 07, 2010

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. There is nothing that can be written that can eclipse the message of honor and sacrifice of this day. Whatever perfection our people and nation [...]

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"What is going on?  As the elected officials of a public agency, the port commissioners owe the public an explanation.  If none is forthcoming, then it is valid [...]

Apr 02, 2012 on
Charlie Sheldon resigns as Port Director

"Thanks Dick!  Any sign that Mayor Linville has established her “imprint”, values and priorities on city government yet? Item 29, IT Master Plan was interesting.  It looks as if [...]

Mar 11, 2012 on
2012-2013 Priorities from City Council

"And Riley, an amazing revelation…very good job!

Nov 28, 2011 on
TPJ Exclusive: Little Documented Oversight for City Employee Moonlighting

"Rather than look aghast at this practice, I favor a more entrepreneurial approach.  After all, the city is in some need of additional revenues, not so? The City by [...]

Nov 28, 2011 on
TPJ Exclusive: Little Documented Oversight for City Employee Moonlighting

"I read the Herald article.  Tony had two references to timber in his response about the proposed 9,000 acre DNR land conveyance.  In his timber references, he points out [...]

Oct 22, 2011 on
From the Political Junkie: Riley's Voting Recommendations