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Systems Analyst and Bellingham resident for 15 years.

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"Thank You. I hate Comcast with the heat of a thousand suns. I work from home and there is no alternative to me in Blaine. My $114 dollar plan crept up [...]

Aug 03, 2021 on
Comcast for Your Small Business

"Thank you. This is the kind of factual informative journalism that would make our world a better, safer place. I was actually worrying a bit about this issue and hearing [...]

Nov 29, 2020 on
Nervous About the Vaccines? Don’t Be

"Lakeway Realty is what is known in the commodities industry as a “bucket shop”. I dealt with them exactly once and would never do business with them again. Slumlords of [...]

Aug 03, 2017 on
Time to Audit Private Rental Inspections - Part II

"This was my email to Don Kurtis, manager of KBAI: I am very disappointed with the format change on KBAI. I was an avid listener to the previous Progressive format. [...]

Aug 03, 2017 on
The Former Joe Show