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After living in La Conner for 38 years, Kit moved to Bellingham in 2015. She is a yoga and meditation teacher, and she is passionate about changing our antiquated winner-take-all voting system to Ranked Choice Voting and Proportional Representation.

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"It appears that the aliens have returned the blue mail collection box! It is craftily situated on the north east corner of the same intersection, Harris and 12th. Perhaps they [...]

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Aliens Abduct Bellingham Mail Collection Box

"Thank you for this, Dick. At a virtual 40th LD Town Hall in December, state senator Liz Lovelett spoke enthusiatically about legislation for a state bank in Washington.

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2021 And Public Banking - What To Look For

"We must elect Mike Pelliciotti, He’s smart, experienced, and he’s dedicated to working for the public good. He also needs our financial support, as he has refused corporate [...]

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Vote Pellicciotti For State Treasurer - Important

"Hi Jamie  Thanks for the update.  I walked to the colony on Saturday, March 14, on a cold and seriously windy day.  I could see no herons, but [...]

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Update on Protection for the Post Point Great Blue Heron Colony

"Elizabeth, how wonderful to find your essay here!

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Extrapolation and Imagination