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Steve lives in Bellingham and has been a local law enforcement officer for nearly 20 years. He stays involved in his community and keeps himself informed about issues facing the residents and visitors of Whatcom Co.

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"David, thanks for the informative article.  I agree that the term “Assault Rifle” is being used only to cause an emotional reaction.  At the very least, a rifle [...]

Sep 01, 2018 on
Some Thoughts on I-1639 and its Fraudulent Character

"Ron, what’s also amazing is that it appears to be illegal for you to even haul limbs from your property… BMC 9.12.020.  I asked the City about [...]

Mar 15, 2018 on
12 Questions (Michael Lilliquist Interview)

"Thank you for the article John, very thought-provoking and pertinent to current issues on both sides of the 49th parallel.   

Feb 03, 2018 on
Justin Trudeau's Slippery Slide

"Hi Larry,  no, I wasn’t trying to claim that at all.  I actually support preserving the character of residential neighborhoods and don’t believe that accessory dwelling [...]

Feb 01, 2018 on
Water, Water Everywhere, But ...

"There is a 2014 scientific study published in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences that correlates HIGH stream discharge during summer months with the low productivity of Chinook Salmon. &[...]

Jan 31, 2018 on
Water, Water Everywhere, But ...