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Steve lives in Bellingham and has been a local law enforcement officer for over 23 years. He stays involved in his community and keeps himself informed about issues facing the residents and visitors of Whatcom Co.

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"Our own WA State Constitution (Article 1, Section 24) is pretty clear on gun ownership (much more so than the 2nd Amendment) and would apply even if the 2nd Amendment was repealed.&[...]

Jun 05, 2022 on
The Constitution. The Second Amendment. And blah, blah, blah, blah...

"I may write and submit a letter to the editor on this issue…so much obfuscation and outright lies over the years that seems to continue.  From what’s [...]

Feb 21, 2022 on
Elevators, Smelevators

"Indeed facinating, thanks for sharing.  Someone who triple masks inside, practices very thorough hygiene, and is fully vaccinated, becomes infected after a brief visit to a public restroom (suspected [...]

Oct 25, 2021 on
Delta Blues

"I’ve met with Russ and he definitely has all of the experience and qualifications necessary to best represent the residents of Bellingham.  He’s a welcome voice for [...]

Oct 05, 2021 on
Vote Russ Whidbee For The At-Large Seat Of The Bellingham City Council

"I would agree that the Mayor’s Office would be precluded (by separation of powers) in attempting to interfere in HOW Judge Lev handles day-to-day employee issues as long as [...]

Jul 03, 2021 on
The basics of Mayor Fleetwood's attack on the Municipal Court