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Jon Humphrey is currently a music educator in Bellingham and very active in the community. He also has decades of professional IT experience including everything from support to development. He considers Bellingham to be the best place he has ever lived and has been here for over 8 years now. He has been interested in technology, music, and science since he was very young and holds a degree in Music Production/Technology from the prestigious Hartt School. He started writing for his high school newspaper and has even published a sci-fi novel on Amazon. Aside from his above interests, Jon spends his time repairing electronics, cars, hiking, diving, and motorcycling. He is a well known figure in the Open Source and Retro Gaming communities and does what he can to support them. He also cares very much about the environment, homelessness, and digital divide issues and does what he can on those fronts too.

Articles by Jon Humphrey

Secret Telecom Lovers Part 2: Been Caught Cheating

By Jon HumphreyOn Oct 24, 2020

So the songs I have in mind as I write this time are Jane’s Addiction’s Been Caught Stealin, Long Black Veil by Johnny Cash, and Jolene by Dolly [...]

Starlink is No Star

By Jon HumphreyOn Oct 22, 2020

The Why Over the years I have written over 30 articles, mostly here, on the issues of public broadband. I have given countless presentations, engaged hundreds of people individually and at [...]

City Drags Feet On Creation Of Broadband Committee

By Jon HumphreyOn Oct 18, 2020

This is an update on the selection of the Broadband Advisory Group. A few days ago, I was informed by Public Works Director Eric Johnston that selection of this group, [...]

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"Thanks for your thoughts Aaron. As I stated in my article the BAG should meet with some of these people. I am more than willing to listen to many different [...]

Oct 25, 2020 on
Secret Telecom Lovers Part 2: Been Caught Cheating

" I’ve placed the link to Rock Island’s pricing above which is rather competitve. Anacortes does a gig for $70, but less than $200 for a [...]

Oct 24, 2020 on
Starlink is No Star

"Thanks for the great article Stoney. My concern with any infrastructure improvements is that the city still has not taken the common sense step of adopting a Dig Once Policy. [...]

Oct 23, 2020 on
Bellingham Transportation Fund: Time to Renew

"Good points Michael. As an aside, did you attend the Keck Observatory talk on Exoplanets on October 21st? It was awesome. Back to broadband. I [...]

Oct 23, 2020 on
Starlink is No Star

"Thanks, John. It is sad to think about the fact that every time we spend public money with a private company, usually for a much less reliable, and therefore overpriced [...]

Oct 22, 2020 on
City Drags Feet On Creation Of Broadband Committee