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Jon Humphrey

Citizen Journalist • Bellingham • Member since May 23, 2017

Jon Humphrey is currently a music educator in Bellingham and very active in the community. He also has decades of professional IT experience including everything from support to development. He considers Bellingham to be the best place he has ever lived and has been here for over 8 years now.
He has been interested in technology, music, and science since he was very young and holds a degree in Music Production/Technology from the prestigious Hartt School. He started writing for his high school newspaper and has even published a sci-fi novel on Amazon.
Aside from his above interests, Jon spends his time repairing electronics and cars, hiking, diving, and motorcycling. He is a well known figure in the Open Source and Retro Gaming communities and does what he can to support them. He also cares very much about the environment, homelessness, and digital divide issues and does what he can on those fronts too.

Articles by Jon Humphrey

Appealing Voodoo Economics Housing Values

By Jon HumphreyOn Jan 02, 2019

Years ago, the first time my property value was raised, I wrote to the assessor about it. The reply I received was essentially a “canned answer.” I pressed and asked [...]

Preliminary RF Exposure Tests

By Jon HumphreyOn Dec 04, 2018

Before I start this article, it is important for us to define what the maximum safe exposure limits are for radio frequency (RF) energy, not just in the United States ([...]

November 5th Existing Network Meeting (COB’s Mansplaining)

By Jon HumphreyOn Nov 07, 2018

Above is a map from an article showing how much money politicians get from big telecoms in general. Why it is a map made at the state level, I think [...]

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Recent comments

"Well it’s the old problem that the “road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I will metnion a state bill and tie it in here to Alex’s [...]

Jan 30, 2019 on
Move These Buses, Now

"Konrad, I hve to backup Alex again here. It’s time we had frank conversations about the situation in Bellingham and used fearless feedback. The regulations of the Department of [...]

Jan 28, 2019 on
Move These Buses, Now

"Thanks for a great article Alex. As an environomentalist, this makes me sad, but I am not surprised. This behavior is in line with the hypocritical actions of the pro-landlord/[...]

Jan 28, 2019 on
Move These Buses, Now

"Lisa thanks for this article. HomesNow is a great organization. However, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the city took years to do anything significant about [...]

Jan 15, 2019 on
Winter Haven Tent Community Opens in Bellingham

"Alex, thanks for the excellent article. I too have experienced the lack of vision this mayor and most of this council have for long-term infastructure planning. Most of this council, [...]

Jan 07, 2019 on
This Mayor Hates Greenways