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Jon Humphrey

Writer • Bellingham • Member since May 23, 2017

Jon Humphrey is currently a music educator in Bellingham and very active in the community. He also has decades of professional IT experience including everything from support to development. He considers Bellingham to be the best place he has ever lived and has been here for over 8 years now.
He has been interested in technology, music, and science since he was very young and holds a degree in Music Production/Technology from the prestigious Hartt School. He started writing for his high school newspaper and has even published a sci-fi novel on Amazon.
Aside from his above interests, Jon spends his time repairing electronics and cars, hiking, diving, and motorcycling. He is a well known figure in the Open Source and Retro Gaming communities and does what he can to support them. He also cares very much about the environment, homelessness, and digital divide issues and does what he can on those fronts too.

Articles by Jon Humphrey

Dig Once Updates

By Jon HumphreyOn May 21, 2018

Before talking specifically about the heroic efforts of your fellow citizens to bring Bellingham into the 21st Century, it is necessary to start with some history of how hard Public [...]

Big Telecom Low-Income Connections are a Joke

By Jon HumphreyOn May 16, 2018

Let me start this article with the last sentence. With public infrastructure, like a Dig Once Policy, we can provide real low-income connections at a lower price and in some [...]

Ghosts of Maps Past (A Journey Though COBs Inadequate Fiber Maps)

By Jon HumphreyOn Apr 19, 2018

I know, I’ve produced a few maps for your consideration throughout this process. The first “GIS” map I received had the word approximate at the bottom of it. I [...]

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Recent comments

"I never understand how we can allow landlords to constantly rake in more and more cash while their behaviors overwhelm already stressed systems and do not lead to more affordable [...]

May 18, 2018 on
Megaplex Infection Spreads to Sehome

"1. I believe David is right on the taxes here. 3. This decision should have been made by ballot. It’s funny how some decisions go to the ballot, but others do [...]

May 13, 2018 on
A Modest Proposal To City Council And To Landlords

"successfullyobviouslyespecially ourThe fact that citizens are being refused access to resources they have paid for, and virtually stolen from on behalf of private interests even less attention. givingequallydaiquiri &[...]

May 13, 2018 on
A time to change NW Citizen ownership

"Dick, the only source I have is the one I’ve indicated. That’s probably as far as they’re willing to go. Hence, why it’s a comment and [...]

May 13, 2018 on
A Modest Proposal To City Council And To Landlords
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