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Jon Humphrey

Writer • Bellingham • Member since May 23, 2017

Jon Humphrey is currently a music educator in Bellingham and very active in the community. He also has decades of professional IT experience including everything from support to development. He considers Bellingham to be the best place he has ever lived and has been here for over 8 years now.
He has been interested in technology, music, and science since he was very young and holds a degree in Music Production/Technology from the prestigious Hartt School. He started writing for his high school newspaper and has even published a sci-fi novel on Amazon.
Aside from his above interests, Jon spends his time repairing electronics and cars, hiking, diving, and motorcycling. He is a well known figure in the Open Source and Retro Gaming communities and does what he can to support them. He also cares very much about the environment, homelessness, and digital divide issues and does what he can on those fronts too.

Articles by Jon Humphrey

COB Broadband Back To The 80s

By Jon HumphreyOn Feb 13, 2018

Let me start by stating up-front that I am working on public fiber as a volunteer and my interest has no financial benefit to me. I actually want what’s [...]

Public Internet Fiber for Bellingham: A Local Answer to Net Neutrality Loss

By Jon HumphreyOn Dec 18, 2017

I am happy to announce that on November 13th Mark Gardner, the city’s policy analyst, finally released his report about public fiber to the council. Gardner presented this report [...]

Case for Public Owned Internet Fiber System

By Jon HumphreyOn Jul 20, 2017

Bandwidth is now an essential commodity, in the same category as electricity, water and sewer. Next-generation tech infrastructure is the only way Bellingham can hope to be the home of [...]

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Recent comments

"Thanks Robert, that’s very interesting. I do get the sense that over the years there has been a lot of fiber installed and it has chagned hands a lot.&[...]

Feb 15, 2018 on
COB Broadband Back To The 80s

"Thanks Dick, and congratulations again on your Paul deArmond Citizen Journalism Award! Sorry I could not attend. The most frustrating thing about this is how there really should [...]

Feb 15, 2018 on
COB Broadband Back To The 80s

"Thanks Dave. The 60K figure was mentioned at the November 13th meeting after Carlson was questioned by some of the council members. There have been some strange figures coming out [...]

Feb 14, 2018 on
COB Broadband Back To The 80s

"On the issue of trust, I refer you to the most recent article that I posted here on my fiber efforts. Although we have some excellent, hardworking people at the [...]

Feb 14, 2018 on
On Loss of Trust, Broken Process, and Failed Commitments in Bellingham

"The COB decided to transition to a new system recently. The actual error message from the COB website reflects that. Error reads: “The City of Bellingham is currently moving [...]

Dec 28, 2017 on
Public Internet Fiber for Bellingham: A Local Answer to Net Neutrality Loss
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