Elizabeth Soderberg

Citizen Journalist • North Carolina • Member since Apr 08, 2017

Born, lived, educated in North Carolina. Left as soon as I had a college degree and a car. First California for a year, then Washington state for 15 years: Bellingham, Fishtown.

Brought back kicking and screaming to NC in 1982; began subbing in local schools & found I was good at it; went back to A&T (an HBCU) for my teacher's certification plus M.A., and taught in a local high school (English, what else?) for 20 years. Slowly became resigned to being here, and now even enjoy it. Retired in 2011. Spend winters embroidering and sewing, summers gardening. And reading all year round.

Articles by Elizabeth Soderberg

Extrapolation and Imagination

By Elizabeth SoderbergOn Dec 06, 2017

In On the Banks of Plum Creek, the Ingalls are living in a sod/cave house near a small stream. There is a powerful rainstorm, and after it, Laura goes [...]

Chekhov’s “A Father”

By Elizabeth SoderbergOn Jul 08, 2017

Anton Chekhov was a literary genius, that’s a given. But I feel he was also a medical genius, albeit one who never practiced formally. For those (probably few) of [...]

Nellie Oleson Destroyed Western Civilization

By Elizabeth SoderbergOn Jun 03, 2017

One hears it all the time: where did Manners go? The entire concept has been thrown out the window…(although here in the South Manners persisted a bit longer than [...]

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