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Satpal Sidhu

Commenter • Lynden • Member since Feb 07, 2017

Whatcom County Councilmember

Recent comments

"John, Great job writing a clear and crisp reasoning, as always.

Nov 02, 2018 on
Want Justice Reform? Vote James Erb.

"Great article. Last year when County Council faced the same situation with 18 applicants for a vacant position, Inwrote an email to all council members and Council Attorney for a similar [...]

Oct 29, 2018 on
Filling City Council Vacancies - A Flawed Process

"Hi Eric and others I appreciate the continued efforts by Eric to keep this subject alive and discuss the root casues of water issue and possible solutions. I totally believe [...]

Aug 05, 2018 on
An Engineer Looks at Washington State Water Law

"Thanks John for your service to grassroots democracy. It is essential for public to know the truth about their government and governing bodies. We must preserve this tradition to have [...]

May 13, 2018 on
A time to change NW Citizen ownership

"Continuing  we can have protected buffers of AG land and natural habitat between the cities which can never be built over  this is possible only in USA and [...]

Jan 18, 2018 on
Why all the Hyperventilating Over Granny Flats?