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Whatcom County Councilmember

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"Wendy cared for the environment and the community with dedication like no one else. I remember her  attendance at every council meeting since early 2015. Being an attorney, she would [...]

Sep 08, 2023 on
A Tribute to Wendy Harris

"Dear Dick, I whole heartedly agree with constituting a National Infrastructure Bank for our nation. This will be just like after World War II, United States government took a BOLD [...]

Jul 28, 2023 on
Renewed Push for a National Infrastructure Bank

"Hi Dick, I also  endorse such a policy decision to create a visionary fiscal investments for our future generations and not the election cycle investments. Look what the Federal [...]

May 15, 2023 on
National Infrastructure Bank...And The State Of Washington

"I appreciate this constructive discussion thread on the housing. I would like to re-empasize, that I am not advocating that for-profit housing is flawed, but the aspect that housing should [...]

Mar 24, 2023 on
Wildflowers in Santa Ynez

"Hi All, I have another perspective. Housing has become primarily an investment vehicle and living in the houses is an ancilliary use. If we have 30-40% housing in every community [...]

Mar 21, 2023 on
Wildflowers in Santa Ynez