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"Copying this from my Dr. Lin’s Letter Post/Comments: I would hope that we fare better and this doesn’t become necessary, but we are far better off [...]

Mar 31, 2020 on
Forecasting the COVID-19 Surge Peak in Whatcom County

"John, I agree that the way Eyman conducted himself was uncalled for, but the points of his concern valid nonetheless. I think the City of Bellingham letting him [...]

Mar 30, 2020 on
Down the Memory Hole

"The problem is quite simple. We have several times the amount of people moving here as we have new housing units, and this has been happening for a DECADE or [...]

Mar 26, 2020 on
300+ New Units, Zero Affordability

"I pass by the skate park going to work and back, and it’s now ribboned off with closed signs posted. Prior to that, there were 30+ people there using it [...]

Mar 26, 2020 on
Close The Bellingham Parks...NOW!

"Eyman’s outrage was due to both Everett and Bellingham’s emergency bill’s containing authoritarian language regarding freedom of speech and gun rights, with the wording [...]

Mar 26, 2020 on
Down the Memory Hole