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Konrad Lau

Commenter • South Whatcom County • Member since Dec 25, 2016

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"Historically, there has always been tension between mankind’s desire for ever- increasing growth and the desire for allowing areas it to remain untouched (as in our National Forest [...]

Apr 07, 2019 on
Bellingham Heron Colony Threatened by Development - Again

"I don’t know what country this is taking place in, but I believe that in America the owner of the property owner gets to decide how best to [...]

Apr 05, 2019 on
Samish Hill Forested Acreage Getting a “Haircut” - What Lies Ahead?

"Nicely written article! “The great blue heron is the most widely distributed heron in North America. It is so plentiful that it is listed as a species of least [...]

Apr 05, 2019 on
Bellingham Heron Colony Threatened by Development - Again

"Here we have another, well-written diatribe regarding the dearth of Orca in the local waters and the threats (real or imagined) to their continued residency. I read the article and [...]

Apr 01, 2019 on
Canada's Pipe Dream Threatens the Salish Sea

"John, I apologize. I was not criticizing the author. I was unintentionally beating around the bush in answering the question posed in her thesis: Does the Governor have the political [...]

Mar 22, 2019 on
Saving The Orca And Salmon - Does Inslee Have The Political Will?