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"DIanne, we like many others have been working with very limited staff on-site lately and also working pretty furiously to launch the news site. I’ll see if I can [...]

Jan 20, 2022 on
Cascadia Daily News Is Arriving Soon!

"Dianne, Thanks so much. I’m not an editor at The Seattle Times, but have been a reporter/columnist there for a long time. I will be leaving that job [...]

Aug 07, 2021 on
Cascadia Daily News to Begin In January

"Excellent analysis here, connecting the economic engine that is Western housing’s needs with the broader private housing market. Western’s growth is a community plus, but the lack of [...]

Apr 15, 2019 on
WWU Dormitory Construction Plans Woefully Inadequate

"Thanks, NW Citizen for this piece. And thanks, Michael Lilliquist, for being frank about the city’s guaranteed-profit garbage contract, which is as close as you can get to a [...]

Mar 15, 2018 on
12 Questions (Michael Lilliquist Interview)

"Hi Kevin, From my perspective there are countless opportunities for one to participate in local government. Failure to do so and then griping about the result has become a national [...]

Feb 06, 2018 on
On Loss of Trust, Broken Process, and Failed Commitments in Bellingham