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Michael Riordan

Columnist • Eastsound, WA • Member since Nov 25, 2016

Michael Riordan writes about science, technology and public policy from Orcas Island, where he lives and kayaks. He holds a PhD degree in physics from MIT, having worked on the experiments that led to the discovery of quarks. He has taught courses about the history of physics and technology at Stanford University and UC Santa Cruz. He is author of "The Hunting of the Quark" as well as coauthor of "The Solar Home Book", "Crystal Fire", "The Shadows of Creation", and — most recently —"Tunnel Visions: The Rise and Fall of the Superconducting Super Collider" (Chicago, 2015). Riordan has published articles and essays in "The New York Times", "Washington Post", "San Francisco Chronicle", "Seattle Times", "Harvard Business Review" and "Technology Review". A Guggenheim Fellow and a Fellow of the American Physical Society, he was awarded the 2002 Andrew Gemant Award by the American Institute of Physics in recognition of his efforts communicating physics and its wider cultural implications.

Articles by Michael Riordan

What Are Our Lawmakers Hiding?

By Michael RiordanOn Feb 25, 2018

In a brazen attempt to suppress public access to existing records of legislators’ activities, the Washington state Senate and House overwhelmingly passed Senate Bill 6617 on Friday, February 23, hardly two days [...]

What Is Doug Ericksen Thinking?

By Michael RiordanOn Feb 13, 2018

A recent Seattle Times op-ed by Senator Doug Ericksen (“Trump’s first year has been a resounding success,” 31 January 2018) suggests he has gotten drunk on the Trump Kool-Aid and is [...]

Doug Ericksen’s Use of Surplus Campaign Funds

By Michael RiordanOn Jul 05, 2017

State Senator Doug Ericksen recently came under fire in the Seattle Times for his possible abuse of surplus campaign funds to pay for expenses unrelated to official Washington state business [...]

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Recent comments

"I don’t know it. But I’ve heard that the great bulk of votes to be counted are in Skagit County , which would favor Petrish over Ramel and Browne [...]

Aug 12, 2018 on
Election results: Aug 7 primary, 2018

"Well, it seems that Doug did not get the Cambodian ambassador post that I had surmised he was seeking in an earlier comment (see above, July 29). On Friday, August 10, the [...]

Aug 12, 2018 on
What on Earth Is Doug Ericksen Doing In Cambodia?

"I’d like to hear Ralph Schwarzs’ take on these elections, especially the 42nd district. Is he going to write about them?

Aug 09, 2018 on
Election results: Aug 7 primary, 2018

"We know for a fact from their PDC filings that  at least Vincent Buys and Michael Baumgartner visited the seaside resort of Sihanoukville, a hotbed of the Cambodian sex [...]

Aug 05, 2018 on
What on Earth Is Doug Ericksen Doing In Cambodia?

"With all due respect, David, I think it’s a lot more than the usual free lunch Doug expects. Why fly thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars [...]

Jul 29, 2018 on
What on Earth Is Doug Ericksen Doing In Cambodia?
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