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"Where we live, in Northern Whatcom county, the grandchild is back to zoom classes, yet our internet connection is often marginal. Many others have even worse connections. It makes [...]

Jan 25, 2022 on
No Commitment To Sustainability = No Votes

"He’s very young for such a high profile position. If he wants to be a successful politician, he’ll have to learn to be more “politic” in his public [...]

Jan 19, 2022 on
An Open Letter To State Senator Simon Sefzik

"This summation from Anacortes Now seems relevant. It appears that Washington state is one of the states restricting the ability for cities to provide broadband access. This should  be [...]

Nov 21, 2021 on
Comcast Extorts Customers for Repairs

"If we don’t want cougars in Bellingham, I suggest we eat more venison.

Sep 15, 2020 on
Updates: Cougar Trapping ... Maybe

"My understanding (my wife used to work for the post office, and is still a member of the union) is that mail from Bellingham goes to Seattle to [...]

Aug 02, 2020 on
Drop Your Ballot In A Drop Box