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Mike Rostron

Commenter • Member since Aug 04, 2011

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"What is wrong with Bellingham, in short, is that we have no one like Alex on the council. Having been on MNAC mysself “back in the day” I [...]

Jan 28, 2019 on
Move These Buses, Now

"I have to disagree with Mr. Lau as well. I certainly hope we don’t get to the point of censoring conversations on the basis of style, or perhaps because [...]

Jan 28, 2019 on
Move These Buses, Now

"George is absolutely right! Also, the noise ordinances are not uniformly enforced. They are complaint driven, and sometimes nepotism and cronyism plays a role. A few years ago I was [...]

Nov 12, 2018 on
Noise Enforcement Efforts Failing at Sunnyland Brewery

"Unfortunately, since a flurry of real neighborhood participation some ten years ago during the DOT site fiasco, interest has waned, and a handful of dedicated Sunnyland Neighborhood Association regulars&[...]

Feb 23, 2018 on
Just What Bellingham Needs - Another Brewery - And Amid Single Family Homes

"Check your facts, David. Bellingham crime rate of 360 per 100,000 in 2016 was higher than the national average at 280.  Bellingham’s crime rate did edge down from 2002-2012, but has been [...]

Jan 18, 2018 on
Why all the Hyperventilating Over Granny Flats?