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Hue Beattie

Commenter • Member since Feb 04, 2008

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"The 1974 Western Fronts would be a source of information. Another time I remember that was quite exceptional is when the A.S. hired Wavy Gravy and the hog farm commune [...]

Aug 27, 2017 on
Racism and Western's Late College of Ethnic Studies

"I concur with Ralph’s analysis. I expect this primary to have a larger turnout due to so many people wanting to vote against the hate monger.

Jul 10, 2017 on
Primary: I'm voting Jean Layton for city council -- and you should, too

"Will there be 30% more runoff into Happy Valley? Can’t tell from the site map.  

Oct 24, 2016 on
Logging Planned for 110 Acres on Samish Hill

"I have met Tip O’Neal; he coined the term but I do not think he would agree with your definition.

Dec 29, 2015 on
Kremen & Weimer tell us of Clinton & Sanders

"The voter’s guide with the pro and con for ballot issues is the legal charter mandated way to inform the public on ballot issues. Jack Louws and Bill Elfo [...]

Oct 16, 2015 on
Making a Jail: Bamboozle!