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"As the Whatcom Vigil for Peace and Justice, and the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center folks gathered to walk in the Blossomtime (that’s another story) Parade last Saturday, their [...]

Jun 01, 2016 on
We need to protect our Great Blue Heron colony

"Now that the flyer’s online, I would like to add that the best thing we can do right now is to take action to save the park and its [...]

Aug 18, 2015 on
Local retired librarian injured by police

"“The Hurricane Four” are somewhat limited in commenting due to awaiting legal counsel, but I will say this. On the scene immediately after the episode, I saw an unarmed small [...]

Aug 18, 2015 on
Local retired librarian injured by police

"Some say they want to be taken up in the rapture. Lois wouldn’t say that, but she may well be lifted on her way by the raptor. Maybe one [...]

Jul 09, 2015 on
Lois Garlick was our hero

"I agree with Mr.Goodwin and if the comment refers to Adam Gaya, I agree with him too. My comment was intended to be educational only, not a critical analysis [...]

Aug 04, 2014 on
Trial by Fire: A Rising Tide of Civil Disobedience
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