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"Thanks,Dick. If you think that being in the park presents a risk for you, then don’t go there.  Let everyone choose when and where they show up [...]

Mar 23, 2020 on
Close The Bellingham Parks...NOW!

" “Whatcom County Bank.” Has a rather nice ring to it, wouldn’t you say?  It’s like a musical phrase that would lend itself to [...]

Feb 27, 2020 on
City Council Resolution Supports A Washington Public Bank

"How are limits to growth imposed?  You wrote that 4 years ago.  We have entered the phase of rapid growth.  Not even mentally prepared, let alone with plans.&[...]

Oct 31, 2019 on
Seth Fleetwood for Mayor

"Thanks Dick.  An important topic.  Where can I find the cliff notes?

May 29, 2019 on
Public Banking - Senator Hasegawa at the Bellingham City Club

"Jon, I get the urgency of your campaign, especially in light of the roll out of the neurologically and privacy invasive 5G networks.  The public absolutely has to have [...]

Oct 03, 2018 on
AT&T and the COB (Partners in Corporate Welfare)