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"The MPD isn’t tearing me apart. I know it will be a tickytack subdivision when they are done with it, so I voted YES.

Feb 04, 2013 on
The Big Picture on Chuckanut Ridge

"Yes had the former parks directors been consulted, we could now be enjoying the dismal impacts of the proposed Fairhaven Highlands 739 unit subdivision.

Jan 31, 2013 on
Former Park Directors Against Park District Proposal

"Nick, this isn’t a classroom; Tip, the heated banter here is no different than other issues. Wendy thanks, thats the first time I ever agreed with you. In the [...]

Jan 30, 2013 on
Wise Owl Knows What to Do

"blah blah blah, tired of the talking heads and tired of the shell games. debt is debt, we can have it half paid before the experts are even done with [...]

Jan 29, 2013 on
Wise Owl Knows What to Do

"Without voting YES on Proposition 1, the city will ultimately need to pay off the loan by selling a portion of the property. A minimum of 250 units, more likely 350 units, would [...]

Jan 27, 2013 on
Why to vote NO on proposed Park District
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