Tim Paxton

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Tim Paxton is a long time resident of Bellingham and a long time trouble maker to government bureaucrats.

Articles by Tim Paxton

Carcinogenic High School Sports Fields

By Tim PaxtonOn Jul 11, 2017

Bellingham School District is making a terrible mistake. Dr. Greg Baker, the current superintendent of the Bellingham School District, is quickly building a new artificial turf sports stadium at Bellingham [...]

Whatcom 3: Evidence? What Evidence?

By Tim PaxtonOn Jul 12, 2017

Editor note: A 3rd pretrial hearing will be held tomorrow, Thursday, July 13, 1:30 pm in the courthouse. We hope to post a report on it before the scheduled beginning of the [...]

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"I agree.  Let the Cougar live.  They are native to this area.  Pet sheep, not so much.   Plus it makes joggers invite their slightly slower companions [...]

Sep 15, 2020 on
Updates: Cougar Trapping ... Maybe

"Why would anyone pay to go to an On Line WWU?  MIT already has 2400 Free Courses on line you enjoy as a shut in. OpenCourseWare:  MIT OpenCourseWare makes [...]

Jul 29, 2020 on
Western To Go All Online In September

"Q: Are all NWCitizen comment questions now banned or just ones that appear to be disingenous or only ones that I write up? Is this a new way to encourage [...]

Jul 18, 2020 on
WWU Campus is Closed And Should Stay That Way

"Wasn’t Rutger actually an Albino with low melatonin and vitamin D levels? It is always hard to tell with them cinematical replicants. Students appear to be doing OK in [...]

Jul 15, 2020 on
WWU Campus is Closed And Should Stay That Way

"More Covid data is appearing.  If the infection rate may be 10x greater than currently estimated, as is now coming out,  then the death rate amongst the under 45 [...]

Jul 07, 2020 on
WWU Campus is Closed And Should Stay That Way