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Sam Crawford

Commenter • Member since Feb 01, 2016

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"The FairVote poll will gain a LOT of credibility if this becomes a Fleetwood/O’Brien general election race. Thank you for sharing the link!

Aug 06, 2019 on
Last minute election information

"Respect to our builders on the north side of town. The economy is prospering, Bellingham’s in-migrating population is bursting at the seams, and new SF (single family) housing [...]

Jul 09, 2019 on
April Barker Mayor? - An Equity Assessment of the Candidate

"Ok, I got it Jon. Taxing the shelter that is fundamental to our survival (our homes) is somewhat akin to taxing food, which I am opposed to. Point well taken. [...]

Jan 03, 2019 on
Appealing Voodoo Economics Housing Values

"Hmm, the author votes for tax increases (schools, housing, etc), but doesn’t like his tax bill? A couple things to keep in mind: The assessor doesn’t set the [...]

Jan 03, 2019 on
Appealing Voodoo Economics Housing Values

"God bless you all, even those (of us) who occasionally write with a tone of “snark, irony and, at times, outright condemnation”. We have much to be thankful [...]

Nov 20, 2018 on
Twin Sisters Brewery To End Music...For A Time