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"I took a 20 minute phone survey from Williams Pipeline Company.  It implied that the terminal was to be on Vancouver Island.  The pipeline was to be built through [...]

Apr 19, 2016 on
OregonLNG quits: Cherry Point may be new target

"I liked this article.   Though I would be happier if the minimum wage was in the $20 range, I don’t think a single large increase would be the best [...]

Aug 20, 2015 on
$15/hr Minimum Wage - Seriously?

"I’m north of town.  But we keep hearing concern about BNSF building a siding.  Does everyone realize that they have already started building a siding that runs [...]

Aug 22, 2014 on
Good Friends and Neighbors: What $54 Million Doesn’t Buy, Part 2

"Education will only help a few.  After the Chile earthquake there was a tsunami alert on the Washington coast, but the Fish and Game department failed to cancel the [...]

Apr 01, 2010 on
Planning for Earthquakes

"Larry,   I think we are out here.  I work with 4 or 5 people who like this blog and use it as one of there sources of local news.  [...]

Aug 15, 2008 on
Is anybody out there?