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"Yesterday’s report on NPR said about 69,000 civilians killed since October 7th, whereas last night Democracy Now! said 30,000.   These are estimates, as no one rally knows how many [...]

Feb 22, 2024 on
Firing Up the War Machine

" From the current edition of “Veterans for Peace” newsletter:   “The U.S. President has authorized the export of DU (depleted uranium) munitions to Ukraine [...]

Feb 21, 2024 on
Firing Up the War Machine

"I must admit I voted for the new jail for a couple of reasons.   First,  is that a friend of mine spent a night in the current [...]

Nov 09, 2023 on
Vote Yes On Jail Tax - A Personal View

"Thank-you Dick;   I did see quite a few RSVP’s on the Facebook invitation,  but it said from 12-5,   which I thought was a little [...]

Oct 19, 2023 on
Memorial Event for Wendy Harris

"Thank you guys for following up on this.    I know Barry was also interested in proposing a resolution to council in keeping with the goal of starting [...]

Aug 10, 2023 on
Renewed Push for a National Infrastructure Bank