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Dianne Foster

Commenter • Member since Jul 10, 2015

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"New law in Amsterdam:  if you buy a house,  you have to live in it.    We need that here.   Put brakes on the [...]

Apr 14, 2019 on
WWU Dormitory Construction Plans Woefully Inadequate

"Michael, I’ve had lots of negative experiences over this in the last year,  and would be happy to share it with you if you give me your email [...]

Mar 27, 2019 on
Lisa Anderson Running for Ward 5 City Council

"Konrad,   What good does it do to “pull up and move on”,  when all the green spaces have been filled with ugly buildings?   And why [...]

Mar 22, 2019 on
The "Stick"-ification of Bellingham

"Thanks Dick   I would like to book her for a candidate forum that Sehome NA is considering for May.   So refreshing to have a council member ([...]

Mar 21, 2019 on
Lisa Anderson Running for Ward 5 City Council

"Thanks Dick for your persistence on this issue.  And To Bob Hasegawa for his persistence as well.   I was sorry to see the  L.A. initiative [...]

Mar 02, 2019 on
Public Banking Bill Re-Introduced In the Washington State Senate