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Dianne Foster

Commenter • Member since Jul 10, 2015

Recent comments

"Well-said John!   Was looking for those exact words,  but you did it all for me….

Jul 26, 2018 on
Richey campaign - the echo chamber

"Thanks Dick!  I worked on this issue for years through various channels,  had 3 teach-ins on the TBTF banks,  and since Obama wouldn’t break them up,  [...]

Jul 14, 2018 on
Public Banking - Time To Get Off Our Butts

"Thank-you Dick, Tim, and Jon for your comments.   I keep them in a basket for future arguments at the Whatcom Dems meeting.

May 14, 2018 on
A Modest Proposal To City Council And To Landlords

"Dick,  as usual,  excellent sleuthing.    Do you have any connections between Yimby and these for-profit DADU factories?

May 13, 2018 on
Uberization Of Your Backyard – Instant Debt Creation

"Same old story.   Voters get to choose between near right and far right.    Never progressive.   The world needs a “great leap forward”, &[...]

Mar 23, 2018 on
Justin Trudeau's Slippery Slide
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