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Call for Congress! Jason Call

By Dianne FosterOn Jul 05, 2022

Editor note:  A Meet and Greet for Jason Call will be held  Tuesday, July 12, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm , at the Squalicum Boathouse, 2600 N Harbor Loop in Bellingham. Why [...]

Wait a Minute, We Got in This Ukrainian Mess…How?

By Dianne FosterOn Feb 20, 2022

Dianne Foster guest writes this opinion article about our involvement today with Ukraine.  She has a B.A.  political science/international relations from the U. of W., and [...]

Musings from a Political Junkie in Quarantine

By Dianne FosterOn Jul 23, 2020

Dianne Foster, guest writer and political junkie in quarantine- - -Once again it’s that time of year, and I’m compiling my personal recommendations about this year’s primary. [...]

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"Thank you guys for following up on this.    I know Barry was also interested in proposing a resolution to council in keeping with the goal of starting [...]

Aug 10, 2023 on
Renewed Push for a National Infrastructure Bank

"Dick, I was on the call as well,  after which I called Larsen’s office in Everett and spoke with his aide,  (whose name I didn’t catch).&[...]

May 23, 2023 on
National Infrastructure Bank...And The State Of Washington

"I think the solution should be to gut the current jail and rebuild the inside.  Too bad the original was so poorly built,  and someone working at the [...]

Apr 26, 2023 on
Whatcom Democrats Are Pro-Jail?!

"We all need to make it clear to County Council that we don’t want our tax money used to fund a goddamn shooting range.   Not now or [...]

Apr 26, 2023 on
Ban All Firearms

"The original Brady Gun Control organization, I believe,  was for a complete ban,  but it got compromised over the years.

Apr 11, 2023 on
Ban All Firearms