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Dianne Foster

Commenter • Member since Jul 10, 2015

Recent comments

"I notice that any criticism of Richey or praise for Erb  is followed by accusations of being on the “Erb team”,  as if democracy was a crime. &[...]

Oct 15, 2018 on
The Cost of Prosecutorial Mismanagement

"Thank-you John for all your years of informing us.    And previously for the print version,  “The Independent”.     Food for thinking people.   &[...]

Oct 02, 2018 on
New LLC Ownership for NW Citizen

"Actually,   I should have mentioned Jean Ryan as well.    She would be great at representing neighborhood viewpoints on the growth machine.    Though [...]

Sep 28, 2018 on
Two dozen want Murphy’s Bellingham council seat

"Ralph, Thanks for the heads’ up;   I’m sure that the neighborhoods will be lobbying for someone to represent their interest in preventing neoliberals from rezoning the downtown [...]

Sep 27, 2018 on
Two dozen want Murphy’s Bellingham council seat

"Thank-you Dick!  That explains the malaise and exhaustion I feel after hours of carefully preparing a futile 3-minute comment,  which never has any effect,  and never goes [...]

Aug 23, 2018 on
Citizen/City Dialogue - A Myth
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