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"And now we have the suicidal choice between bank crony Trump and bank crony Biden.   The elites made sure Bernie and his economic team that included economist Stephanie [...]

May 19, 2020 on
The Pandemic And A Depression

"Konrad Lau, In response to your comment that low-income housing always brings resistance from local neighborhoods,  I would point out the the old Aloha Motel site will be mixed,&[...]

May 17, 2020 on
Still a Dormitory, Still in Non-Compliance

"Ho See-wing, Thank-you for this piece!    I stopped watching Bill Maher a few years ago when he said we couldn’t talk about the “real cause” of [...]

May 14, 2020 on
Politicizing COVID-19

"David, As I recall,  after the Wall Street takedown of our economy in ‘09,  the WPGN did a teach-in on the financialization of the economy;  this was a [...]

May 12, 2020 on
MintTheCoin - Money for everyone

"Thanks to all of your comments.   I have been a fan of Stephanie Kelton and MMT for a few years.   The problem we face now is [...]

May 11, 2020 on
MintTheCoin - Money for everyone