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"Thanks, Dick.  Excellent journalism.  This portrays institutional failures, at multiple levels.   Sad, very sad.    

May 31, 2022 on
Is 22 North Going South?

"Excellent article, Dick.   I find it interesting that with all the technology—Javillan’s, stingers, drones, and satellites—it still comes down to training, training, and training.  &[...]

Feb 28, 2022 on
A Sputtering Blitzkrieg

"Eloquent, as always.   Thanks Dick.  

Nov 11, 2021 on
Veterans Day 2021 - The Wars End But Casualties Continue To Mount

"Excellent article, and clarification.  Thank you.  I hope the council is listening…

Oct 14, 2021 on
Don’t Confuse Housing Affordability with Housing Choice

"Excellent, well documented article.   Thank you.  

Sep 29, 2021 on
Covid Vaccine Booster Shots: Immoral or Necessary?