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"Excellent article Taimi!  Decades ago, the City of Bellingham gave Ken Imus nothing but grief for his envisioned Fairhaven. Now they want to get in on the act.  [...]

May 14, 2022 on
Death of the Golden Goose

"Thank you for the heads up, excellent research and the great article.  I will write to the City Council today!  And, thanks Ellen for your lovely comment re [...]

Jun 01, 2016 on
We need to protect our Great Blue Heron colony

"Trump is a friend of the Clintons.  He is a false flag to force the sheeple yet again to vote for the lesser of two evils.  Here are [...]

May 08, 2016 on
Boring, predictable Trump plays to conservative Lynden crowd

"” represent over 60% of the citizens in your district…”  If you have not learned already, Larsen almost never (unless a throw away) represents the desires and issues important to his [...]

Apr 27, 2016 on
An Open Letter to U.S. Representative Rick Larsen

"This, from September, 2015, is also informative. September 4, 2015, Samantha Wohlfeil, “Natural gas pipeline proposed for Whatcom County, again,”

Apr 19, 2016 on
OregonLNG quits: Cherry Point may be new target