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"Well, if faculty at WWU, CWU, EWU, and Evergreen State can be in the same union, it seems doable for these newspapers.

Jan 11, 2021 on
McClatchy seeks to break up union that includes Bellingham Herald staff

"Here it is.  

Jan 11, 2021 on
Yes, Now You Know - An Open Letter To Congress

"Thanks you for the excellent posting. I would urge anyone who cares and is concerned with this to read the essay by Timothy Snyder in the current issue of the [...]

Jan 10, 2021 on
Yes, Now You Know - An Open Letter To Congress

"How about a test? The ballots need only an Election Day postmark to count. So, if anyone is game, write a couple of letters, to yourself, or someone with an [...]

Aug 02, 2020 on
Drop Your Ballot In A Drop Box

"First a disclaimer, I work at WWU, but this posting reflects only my personal opinion regarding this topic. On the WWU planning side, I will simply reiterate what Steve says [...]

Jul 26, 2020 on
Open The WWU Campus In September? What Then The Toll?
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