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Vacation Rentals In Residential Neighborhoods

By Tani SutleyOn Oct 18, 2016

Tani Sutley continues to inform us on the county vacation rentals processes and Ken Mann’s misinformation to the council. Recently, the Whatcom County Council voted to add short-term rentals [...]

Unregulated vacation rentals on Lake Whatcom

By Tani SutleyOn Dec 21, 2015

Tani Sutley guest writes this fourth post on the unregulated vacation rentals on Lake Whatcom. Her previous articles are linked below this article. - - - - On December 8th, [...]

County proposes free pass for vacation rentals

By Tani SutleyOn Apr 26, 2015

Tani Sutley guest writes her third article about the lack of county regulations for residental homes being converted to vacation rentals. - - - The Whatcom County Council will introduce [...]

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"Vacation rentals in residential areas are a zoning issue but now it has become a real estate investment issue. Who wins this debate will depend how much homeowners want to [...]

May 13, 2019 on
Vacation Rental Kickoff Is May 5th - Put It On Your Calendar!

"Walter, I find it odd that existing laws are not enforced.  You are correct, when Planning and Development finds a law that they are not enforcing, they simply add [...]

May 01, 2015 on
County proposes free pass for vacation rentals

"Update:  A Public Hearing is scheduled at the Planning Commission on January 8, 2014 on vacation rental amendments. http://www.co.whatcom.wa.us/pds/pc/schedule.jsp

Dec 14, 2014 on
Whatcom County and the New Sharing Economy