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Rob Stratton

Commenter • Member since Mar 27, 2011

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"Wendy your very statement shows the difficulty, and how it hurts small farmers. The Small Farmers must have all this burden of proof put upon them, they can’t afford [...]

Feb 18, 2013 on
Slaughtering the County Tax Base

"How about instead of using government to steal money from many who don’t use or support non development, why not just buy it yourselves?

Feb 03, 2013 on
Beautiful Park

"No worries, I am a working man and don’t have much time for rebuttals myself. The reality of the matter is it is socialistic, and so is U.S. [...]

Feb 03, 2013 on
We Need a Goods and Services Tax - Like Canada

"Amusing article. Of course you have no biases? I am no fan of democrats or republicans. But so what if they get their agenda looked at finally? Or only democratic [...]

Jan 22, 2013 on
Doug Ericksen's Opening Moves

"I have no problem with Canadians flocking here to buy our goods, I think we should have free world wide markets. I drink lot’s of milk and never had [...]

Jan 22, 2013 on
We Need a Goods and Services Tax - Like Canada