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Wynne Lee

Commenter • Member since Jul 29, 2014

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"Thanks, Juliette, for writing this. Very clear about why Bellingham - and all of Whatcom County- needs to move intelligently on this rather than stick with failed Big Corporations Should [...]

Jun 19, 2019 on
Public Fiber Network: A Blueprint for Bellingham and Whatcom County

"I support *everything* we can do to protect the herons & sincerely appreciate all your work on this Jamie. While I think purchasing (or having purchased… lost chance, probably) the [...]

May 14, 2019 on
All Hands on Deck to Help Protect the Great Blue Herons

"For those who understand that proliferating, poorly regulated short term rentals (often commercial, e.g., up to 365 days a year in residentially zoned areas) ARE a problem, one key questions [...]

May 01, 2019 on
Vacation Rental Kickoff Is May 5th - Put It On Your Calendar!

"On the scale of Truly Important Civic/Social Things (to me), even locally, this issue ranks about -10,000. On the scale of Kinda Annoying Thingies, it’s about -1000. But [...]

Mar 18, 2019 on
No! I Will Not Round Up.

"Who recorded the video? Great idea to put it on youtube with link here.  I’m doing my best to keep sharing stuff like this, as too many voters [...]

Oct 08, 2018 on
Whatcom County Candidate's Night Kicks Off in Point Roberts - Live !