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"Excellent info and ideas, given that areas of Whatcom County see large increases in transient populations during summer & holidays, including Birch Bay, Lake Whatcom and Lummi Island. I think [...]

Jun 04, 2020 on
Early-Warning Covid-19 Alert for San Juan County and Other Seasonal Resort Communities

"Forget covid19, WE are the planet’s worst virus. Pave paradise, put up ANOTHER parking lot…

May 04, 2020 on
WWU - Western - Dislikes Trees

"Thanks for your continued efforts with this. Stellar job under such challenging conditions.  And I agree, you’re right to stop here.

May 02, 2020 on
Whatcom County COVID-19: The Final Report

"I’d love to see County Council release some of our precious tax dollars to help with the cost of testing. But as of the last Council meeting, 4 council members ([...]

Apr 14, 2020 on
Monitoring the COVID-19 Surge Peak in Whatcom County - Update 2

"Excellent insights, thanks. Fivethirtyeight.com has another good post today - in easy comic form - on why modeling is so hard, resulting wildly different guesses about possible outcomes. https://[...]

Apr 14, 2020 on
How Many Unconfirmed Cases of COVID-19 are in Whatcom County?