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"Excellent info and ideas, given that areas of Whatcom County see large increases in transient populations during summer & holidays, including Birch Bay, Lake Whatcom and Lummi Island. I think [...]

Jun 04, 2020 on
An Early-Warning Covid-19 Alert and Response Protocol for San Juan County and Other Seasonal Resort Communities

"Forget covid19, WE are the planet’s worst virus. Pave paradise, put up ANOTHER parking lot…

May 04, 2020 on
WWU - Western - Dislikes Trees

"Thanks for your continued efforts with this. Stellar job under such challenging conditions.  And I agree, you’re right to stop here.

May 02, 2020 on
Whatcom County COVID-19: The Final Report

"I’d love to see County Council release some of our precious tax dollars to help with the cost of testing. But as of the last Council meeting, 4 council members ([...]

Apr 14, 2020 on
Monitoring the COVID-19 Surge Peak in Whatcom County - Update 2

"Excellent insights, thanks. Fivethirtyeight.com has another good post today - in easy comic form - on why modeling is so hard, resulting wildly different guesses about possible outcomes. https://[...]

Apr 14, 2020 on
How Many Unconfirmed Cases of COVID-19 are in Whatcom County?