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"Additional Context: Place County Pop * City w/ Unv. Pop * Universities Undergrad Pop +   Total   Cost +  % Students in Pop 1 Whitman 44,776 Pullman 29,799 WSU 25470   25,470  $15,300  57% 2 Pierce 795,225 Tacoma 198,397 [...]

Dec 02, 2023 on
Don’t Be Manipulated by Misleading Data

"The [regressive] Sales Tax keeps going up and up in Whatcom and Bellingham.  Some of that for jail, but is never spent on the/a jail, plus the rightly [...]

Nov 13, 2023 on
No Third Jail Tax

"All passable to great arguments. However, what about the past jail taxes passed and paid that resulted in no new or greatly improved jail? Also, some past jail designs and [...]

Nov 05, 2023 on
Vote Yes On Jail Tax - A Personal View

"Foresight vs. hindsight. This contention is precisely what was foreseen by several members of the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Commission (MNAC) roughly four to six City administrations ago.  They [...]

Sep 28, 2023 on
Scrap Metal Pile Includes Many Hazards and Few Benefits

"Nothing privatized for Dad at the moment.  It’s all Grade-A Congressional Health Uncare. You reminded me of another fun bit (Champus) with the medical for life promised to [...]

Feb 28, 2023 on
A Cruel Joke From The VA and Congress