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Thomas R. Scott

Commenter • Member since Jul 24, 2014

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"The concerns are at least threefold: Ecologically bad placement when other sites have been found by those even slightly motivated and taking a few minutes to look.  And [...]

Jan 29, 2019 on
Move These Buses, Now

"The promised web link:      https://www.electericrichey.com/endorsements/  - Tom

Aug 06, 2018 on
Richey and Erb file for Prosecuting Attorney

"Steering away from comments about privilege and other pejoratives buzz words and dog whistles… I would note that many of on both sides of these issues are not retirees.  [...]

Jan 17, 2018 on
Why all the Hyperventilating Over Granny Flats?

"Unfortunately, the discussion when put into context is about upzoning either by amending single family (SF) zones until they are de facto multi-family (MF) zones that are SF in [...]

Jan 17, 2018 on
Why all the Hyperventilating Over Granny Flats?

"Has the Planning and Community Development Department been asked about your findings, preliminary and otherwise, regarding possible/probably permitting issues as well as a indications of fraudulent filing [...]

Oct 27, 2017 on
Fire on Jersey St. - An Investigation - Part II
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