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Jeffrey Margolis

Commenter • Member since Mar 17, 2011

Jeffrey Margolis online:

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"    Sorry to see Bob depart.  The anti-coal movement keeps steaming along.     At any rate last week I had to crisscross town to find an American [...]

Apr 01, 2012 on
The Curious Disappearance of Bob Ferris

"Is there a Ref in the House?  I don’t know where to turn.  The side bar has gone center stage. To: Concerned Citizens of the Saxon Pit: [...]

Aug 14, 2011 on
Cross-County Coal Train is Coming

"It?s amusing how two writers can go to the same City Club luncheon lecture and come away with different reports. The headline in the Bellingham Herald,  ?Cherry Point [...]

Aug 13, 2011 on
Cross-County Coal Train is Coming

"In a previous post I suggested that our concern was with climate change.  That is the case for the soft hearted but just pith to those who have the [...]

Jun 29, 2011 on
Cross-County Coal Train is Coming

"Safe Guard the South Fork (SGSF) is a fresh civic organization administered by residents of eastern Whatcom County (WC) who are dedicated to limiting the ability SSA Marine to ship [...]

Jun 28, 2011 on
Cross-County Coal Train is Coming