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"Since no one has posted here about it yet, the Washington Public Disclosure Commission decided to reject the recommendation in the final report and send the case #1122 back for additional [...]

Dec 05, 2015 on
PDC - The Missing Documents

"I have just submitted a formal complaint to the Washington Public Disclosures Commission.

Oct 18, 2015 on
Let's not squander the next 30 years

"Has anyone actually looked at the big Belfast development that Harcourt is “famous” for?  Gack!  If that is what we get on the Bellingham waterfront, woe is us.&[...]

Apr 01, 2015 on
Port Gives Away Our Bellingham Waterfront

"Thank you for speaking the truth, Tip.  These folks play dog-whistle politics, that carefully constructed speech designed to hide the racism.  Dog whistling doesn’t change the truth!

Jan 18, 2015 on
Dead or Alive: How do you like your herring?