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"Who is the commander-in-chief when the president’s brain is addled by steroids?

Oct 07, 2020 on
Damn It! He Ain't My Commander in Chief

"How are meetings handled in the current environment and what days and hours of the day do they normally meet?

Oct 03, 2020 on
Musical Chairs At The Planning Commission

"Thanks for this article.   My son was in military police for ten years and has now been in a parole department for many years, so I see one [...]

Sep 23, 2020 on
Some Thoughts On Policing

"What do you make of the articles saying that young people are a significant part of the current problem? It’s hard for me to fault them wanting to get [...]

Jul 28, 2020 on
There Will Be No Phase 3

"Terry, obviously you’ve given this a lot more thought than I have.  I really was only pointing out how airlines have to curtail operations at night and railroads [...]

Aug 21, 2014 on
Good Friends and Neighbors: What $54 Million Doesn’t Buy, Part 2