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"Dick, “to make it easy, just ban them all.”    I’m reminded of those who fall on their own sword by voting for some 4th party candidate ( Utopia [...]

Apr 11, 2023 on
Ban All Firearms

"Well as you said not likely to happen in this country… I could get off into whether it’s a good idea to have the entire civilian populace disarmed but [...]

Apr 11, 2023 on
Ban All Firearms

"Is this the program you’re referring to?The link should take you to a filtered view of the data where location contains “WA” and one of the name columns [...]

Mar 21, 2023 on
Growth of Medicare's ACO Reach Scam Halted

"Carol, I don’t know if it will be recorded, but they do have a You Tube channel showing previous webinars.“Hosted by KFF, The Health Wonk Shop [...]

Mar 17, 2023 on
Rise of Medicare Advantage – Creation of a Myth

"I’m not unsympathetic to the high cost of housing, but some decisions will lead to the wildflowers being paved over.  Without getting in too deep, currently many corporate [...]

Mar 15, 2023 on
Wildflowers in Santa Ynez