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"I’ll start by quoting a section from the above article that I am addressing: “With the possible passage of charter propositions 2, 3 and 10, our council and courts will come into [...]

Nov 04, 2015 on
Important Election Issues Undecided

"Thank you for answering my question, John. I believe rushing Amendment 1 through without public input was definitely a questionable political maneuver.  It seems reasonable to think that anyone concerned [...]

Nov 03, 2015 on
More on Propositions 1 and 9

"I literally woke up this morning with a question for you, John.  I am not asking it in an attacking way, but because I am curious and would like [...]

Nov 03, 2015 on
More on Propositions 1 and 9

"Starting off by saying this is all my opinion, based on various facts and information, I think I first want to speak to the suggestion that the plan for a [...]

Nov 01, 2015 on
More on Propositions 1 and 9

"Notice that County Executive Louws chose to respond to someone who expressed that they were a jail supporter, in otherwords a constituent that seemed like they might be potentially won [...]

Oct 21, 2015 on
Louws Regrets Jail Mailer