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Ralph Schwartz

Writer • Member since May 23, 2014

After 13 years in mainstream journalism, Ralph Schwartz left The Bellingham Herald in November 2015. He's now a freelance editor and writer looking for a regular paycheck.

Articles by Ralph Schwartz

Anacortes Council member Lovelett to replace Ranker in state Senate

By Ralph SchwartzOn Feb 05, 2019

Anacortes City Council member Liz Lovelett was sworn in late Tuesday, Feb. 5, as Washington state’s newest senator, to represent the 40th Legislative District. Members of the San Juan and [...]

Two dozen want Murphy’s Bellingham council seat

By Ralph SchwartzOn Sep 26, 2018

Democracy is not a spectator sport. Jean Layton told me this last year when I asked her why she chose to challenge Roxanne Murphy, who was seeking reelection to the [...]

Tough choice for Democrats: Who will challenge Ericksen?

By Ralph SchwartzOn May 01, 2018

Democrats think they can do it. If only they can motivate voters to turn in their ballots in numbers comparable to a presidential election year, then Democrats say they can [...]

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"KL what is your source for that supposed 1.5 to 2 degree C temperature decrease from a grand solar minimum? Scientists who publish peer-reviewed literature agree that this century’s solar [...]

Jan 24, 2019 on
Of Broken Roads and Re-invented Wheels

"As I read this I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. The biggest issue facing society vis-a-vis the police is systematic abuse and killing of black men by [...]

Jun 18, 2018 on
The Traumatization of Our Police

"John, I don’t buy your conclusion that the Herald referred to the stopped train as a “freight train” in order to keep selling ads to fossil-fuel interests. I can [...]

Aug 29, 2016 on
Coal Trains Blocked by Local Protesters

"Bravo to John Servais for not being afraid to express his independent thoughts, despite the inevitable blowback from his political cohorts. Too much groupthink in Whatcom politics.

Nov 01, 2015 on
More on Propositions 1 and 9

"A note to John and NWCitizen members: the Politics Blog at The Bellingham Herald will be shut down tomorrow—Thursday, Aug. 6. I am not authorized to talk about company decisions ([...]

Aug 05, 2015 on
Election Results - Aug 4 Primary