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After writing for NWCitizen for five years, Ralph Schwartz helped launch a new Whatcom County newspaper, Cascadia Daily News, joining the staff in December 2021 as government reporter. Before the Daily News, he worked for 14 years at professional newspapers, most recently the Methow Valley News and The Bellingham Herald.

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After worker victories, The Bellingham Herald’s union is in place

By Ralph SchwartzOn Mar 02, 2021

McClatchy put up a fight, but newsroom employees at The Bellingham Herald and three other Washington newspapers got what they wanted -- a single union to represent workers at all [...]

McClatchy seeks to break up union that includes Bellingham Herald staff

By Ralph SchwartzOn Jan 11, 2021

McClatchy, the corporate owners of The Bellingham Herald who were taken over by a hedge fund after bankruptcy, appears willing to accept the inevitable. News employees at the chain’s [...]

‘Now we will have a voice’—Bellingham Herald’s newsroom joins union

By Ralph SchwartzOn Dec 22, 2020

There’s no telling how far a newspaper will fall. When I started as a reporter at The Bellingham Herald in 2011, some 25 people were working in the newsroom, including six [...]

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"Just for the record, the Philadelphia Eagles have a female sports conditioning coach, and you’ll see female referees at pretty much every NFL game nowadays. Still, point taken.

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"Jamie, I admire your dedication. I know a more thorough report is coming soon, but I’m confused by this story and would appreciate more context:  The great blue [...]

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Hip Hip Hooray for the Herons!

"I know the author’s argument is nearly four weeks old now, and his thinking may have changed…. I will point out at this juncture that City of Bellingham is&[...]

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Jumping The Gun on In-Chamber Council Meetings

"To “G:” These days, it’s a rare person indeed who is not incessantly sure of himself. Trump is a prime example of the mass of people so afflicted. Especially [...]

Sep 11, 2020 on
Tragedy...Not Guilt, Not Innocence

"A couple points of clarification/correction: I’ve read reports on Reinoehl/Danielson in multiple media, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times. [...]

Sep 11, 2020 on
Tragedy...Not Guilt, Not Innocence