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"John, I remember you said you were opposed to saving this forest but when you saw the videos we made, you changed your mind and understood what an important ecological [...]

Feb 05, 2013 on
A note from the publisher

"Since 1990, we have worked to save the Chuckanut Forest. We have made many videos on it. Hundreds of people have devoted years of their lives to keep this precious urban [...]

Feb 05, 2013 on
Beautiful Park

"It is interesting to read Brian’s comments. In the 23 years we have been working to save this precious urban forest, Brian never was in favor of purchasing this forest.&[...]

Jan 31, 2013 on
Former Park Directors Against Park District Proposal

"Hi Folks, a couple of clarifications.  The battle to save the Chuckanut Ridge/100 Acre Wood has been going on 20 years, not 16 years as the article states.  We first [...]

Sep 09, 2011 on
A People's Victory - and a Rare One

"Chuckanut Ridge, Fairhaven Higlands, The 100 Acre Wood - so many names! We are thrilled that public acquisition of this land may become a reality at last.  After working for 21 [...]

Mar 16, 2011 on
Washington Federal forecloses on Fairhaven Highlands