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"Looks to me like most of the failed inspections were very minor things, easily corrected.  A battery here, a stairway rail there.  I don’t subscribe to the [...]

Sep 21, 2016 on
The War Has Just Begun

"I would like to remind everyone that only a few years ago the County Council **turned down a $11.5 million grant for a brand new ferry**. “April 8, 2008 County Council members have [...]

Jul 13, 2016 on
Hiyu ferry for Lummi Island service - Explained

"Bellingham currently has 580 units like this in single-family neighborhoods that have been upzoned to allow multifamily - those 580 units must be demolished and multifamily units built in their place for [...]

Jul 09, 2015 on
Family Home For Rent: $44,000/year

"Barbara, You may be referencing my Whatcom Watch statement: “My family enjoys the existing overwater walkway tremendously on our frequent walks from Downtown to Fairhaven.  However, I question the [...]

Oct 15, 2013 on
Treaty Rights and Public Rights Ignored In Overwater Walkway

"That foul smell was all the way up by the hospital! Not as strong as when the company in Kent that makes the NG smell had a leak but I [...]

Aug 16, 2013 on
Bellingham Receives A Wake Up Call