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Sandy Robson

Contributor • Birch Bay • Member since Feb 27, 2014

Sandy Robson is a professional worker who lives in Whatcom County and is concerned about our environment. She has been a leader in opposing by writing articles about the proposed Cherry Point coal shipping port.

Sandy Robson online:

Reliable Prosperity

By Sandy RobsonOn Aug 14, 2014

Sandra Robson guest writes this article. She has researched and written about the problems with a coal port at Cherry Point for over a year, with 4 articles in the Whatcom [...]

Manifest Clandestine-y

By Sandy RobsonOn Jul 07, 2014

Guest writer Sandy Robson submitted this article, which includes some fine research. When Wyoming’s governor, Matt Mead, visited Longview, Washington, on June 3 to advocate for the proposed Millennium Bulk [...]

Sins of Omission

By Sandy RobsonOn Jun 27, 2014

Sandy Robson guest writes this article. This is her third article on NWCitizen. In February 2014, I was accused of libel. Craig Cole, the local consultant on the Gateway Pacific Terminal ([...]

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