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"Thank you Dick for keeping us informed on this topic, and alerting us to opportunities for action.

Mar 03, 2023 on
Call To Action On Medicare (Dis)Advantage!

"BTW, the ballot does not fit in the security sleeve - is this a new feature to have the ballot sticking out at one end?

Feb 05, 2022 on
No Commitment To Sustainability = No Votes

"Yes, thanks Jon for sharing these details.  I had a bad feeling about this bond, and you’ve provided the info needed to confirm my suspicions.  I agree [...]

Jan 24, 2022 on
No Commitment To Sustainability = No Votes

"YouTube and much of the major social media (Facebook, Wikipedia, Linked-In, Vimeo, etc.) are doing this repeatedly across the board.  YouTube is taking down not only city council meetings [...]

Jul 24, 2021 on
The Monumentally Moronic Mindlessness Of YouTube

"There’s also the drop box at the Community College campus.   

Aug 02, 2020 on
Drop Your Ballot In A Drop Box