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Walter Haugen

Commenter • Member since Dec 17, 2013

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"Now, I have never had anyone call me a beacon of compromise, but it seems that putting Sumas in the “foothills” district with Acme and Deming, while leaving Everson and [...]

Mar 09, 2016 on
Districting Committee: GOP accuses Democrats of gerrymandering

"No, no, and NO! As someone who has been studying the problem for over 45 years, let me state categorically that there are waaaayyyyy too many problems in geo-engineering. Consider the [...]

Mar 07, 2016 on
Idea for Our Times: Puget Sound Repair Project

"A quick glance at the maps indicates Scenario D is more fair. [At least from my macro view and without further research.] The main thing for me is that the [...]

Mar 07, 2016 on
Districting Committee: Republicans lack legal compass

"Thank god Gary Jensen’s name is no longer being floated as the chair. Jack Louws is trying mightily to salvage what is left of Jensen’s reputation by selecting [...]

Feb 23, 2016 on
'Goodwill' wanted but lacking on Districting Committee

"You cannot equate an armed takeover with sitting on an anchor chain. It is a specious argument. You can make all the tortured analogies you want, spin Wobbly anecdotes 180 degrees, [...]

Feb 22, 2016 on
Anchor-chain activists face hefty fines
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