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" Another Veterans day has come. Another chance to take a moment to measure the terrible cost war, all wars. I have to wonder—-what has all the suffering really accomplished? [...]

Nov 11, 2020 on
Armistice Day

"Aaron, BTW, I have lived and spent extended time in several developed countries throughout the world. None of them allow open carry by it’s ciitizenry. I never felt unsafe [...]

Sep 10, 2020 on
Tragedy...Not Guilt, Not Innocence

"It’s a shame that this discussion tends to get fall  into the “what do you have against students ” retort all too quickly. If we bring in to [...]

Jul 23, 2020 on
Open The WWU Campus In September? What Then The Toll?

"Thanks Alex for your incite on the project. Puget Neighborhood has been dealing with similar ill thought out proposed developments on this site for years. And, while this one is [...]

May 10, 2020 on
CityView Dormitory Complex - Please Don't Approve This Proposal