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"Really—-single day elections again. Why stop there ? Let’s go all the way back to the past and have single day election excluding all those pesky women [...]

Dec 06, 2022 on
Did Proposition 5 "Cure" Its Way to a Win?

"Here come the developers and infill—-goodbye neighborhoods. A few more years and everything will look just like Ballard—-sad. And the worse part is there is no solid evidence [...]

Feb 12, 2022 on
No Project Too Absurd

"As a rule, I am in favor of supporting school bonds. It is an obigation we have to insure children get the education they need to succeed in the future. [...]

Jan 24, 2022 on
No Commitment To Sustainability = No Votes

"Another Veterans day has come. Another chance to take a moment to measure the terrible of cost war, all wars. I have to wonder—-what has all the suffering really [...]

Nov 11, 2021 on
Veterans Day 2021 - The Wars End But Casualties Continue To Mount

"The location of these cases and clusters if they exist are important information for us to know. County health is being very negligent if it is not giving us all [...]

Mar 13, 2021 on
A Variant Virus Outbreak in Whatcom County?